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Cordless Power Tools: What Brand is Best For The Homeowner?

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Are you looking to buy any power tools? A jigsaw, drill or even a circular saw? Most people are not professionals, just typical homeowners. Most houses are standard plywood and plasterboard construction, so heavy duty tools are probably not needed. And cordless seem to drain too quickly for my needs as I'm looking into doing some elaborate woodworking projects. Even trying to build on some outside projects. 

So what brand is best? What should one go for? DeWalt Tools, Ryobi, Makita Tools? And How long can you expect a system to stay around, so if I need new batteries or charger, it won't be a problem obtaining them. 

Well, for home use, corded tools are recommended. They tend to be more reliable, have more power, and are typical less expensive than their cordless counterparts. 

Cordless Power Tools

If used for woodworking projects or a typical house repair, its no trouble to use an extension cord. Biggest advantage is no loss of power for extended periods of time. Your battery powered versions would loose power and eventually need recharging. 

Good low cost, high value brands to consider are K Tool International and Mountain. They are powerful, reliable and will give you many years of home use. 

Many times people purchase tools above the grade that they need. Almost like a badge of pride to show your neighbor. Save the money, and purchase what you need, not want. Then smile when you have the extra bucks in your pocket. 

If you only use a cordless tools, then consider a higher end ones. You should look for 18V or higher models. Smaller volt models will not offer enough power or range. Check out ratings from several manufacturers before you make your final choice. 

And if you go cordless, make sure you to purchase all of your tools from the same manufacturer. Then advantage is battery and charger compatibility between all tools. Make sure you pick up extra batteries so you can always have one on charge. If you just starting out, think about purchasing a combo kit, as these are packaged to save money. 

If you thinking of buying used, don't. Batteries wear out over time, and the newest model offer the best battery technology. Take a look on our website, as we have many corded and cordless models from multiple manufacturers. 

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